NRNB Academy


NRNB Academy offers you the opportunity to work with our open source development team on network biology related tools and resources. This is a great introduction to our dev community and the workings of open source in general. Browse the list of project ideas below or propose your own. Each project has one or more mentors available to guide your learning and production. The goals of the academy are to:

  • Provide students with practical open source dev experience
  • Provide hobbyists and professionals with introductory projects
  • Promote development of scientific tools for network biology
  • Produce useful tools and resources for the research community
Admissions Form

And check out our special NRNB Academy Summer Session for 2015!

How Does It Work?


If you are familiar with the Google Summer of Code program, then you have the basic idea. The main difference is that this is a year-round program, accommodating students and non-students with flexible project dates ranging from 2 to 12 months. Another difference is that it is a 100% unfunded, volunteer experience. But from past testimonials, you'll see that there are rewards greater than mere cash. Also browse the list of accepted NRNB Academy participants and their projects. And you also get a certificate of completion!

NRNB Academy organizes and matches projects and participants, providing structure, guidelines and outreach. The details and execution of each project is ultimately in the hands of you and your mentor. Most participants work remotely, staying in touch and coordinating with mentors and other project contributors via email, IRC, video chat, phone, etc. If you are near a mentor site or have an itch to travel, sometimes office space can be arranged.

Step 1: Determine if the program is right for you. Carefully read through the program description and FAQ. Contact the admin with any questions not covered in these pages. Note: asking questions answered in the FAQ may count against you!

Step 2: Browse the current project ideas. We maintain a running list of potential project ideas. Do a bit of background research on each idea that interests you. Or propose your own project idea related to NRNB tools and resources. Fill out the Admissions Form to start the ball rolling.

Step 3: Connect with your potential mentors. After you've filled out the Admissions Form, the admin will follow up with you directly and put you in contact with your potential mentors. This begins the dialog about whether a given project is a good fit for you and the mentor.

Step 4: Submit your project proposal for approval. NRNB Academy has a rolling enrollment, accepting members year-round. Together with your potential mentor, you will prepare and submit a detailed project proposal. Find a template application and instructions in the FAQ (which you should have already read in Step 1).