Cytoscape 3.0 App Competition

So what's this all about?

We're looking for the best Cytoscape 3.0 apps, whether the app is brand new or is ported from Cytoscape 2.x. We accept both simple apps and OSGi bundles.

Do you have questions? Let us know by posting it on Cytoscape Discuss.

How are you judging apps?

  • Does your app work well without bugs or crashes?
  • Does your app provide unique features for Cytoscape 3.0?
  • Does your app have an intuitive user interface?
  • Does your app provide intelligible user documentation?
  • Bonus points: you provided thoughtful suggestions for the Cytoscape 3.0 API.

Who can submit an app?

Anyone! (Except Cytoscape core developers, who will be the panel of judges.) Just submit your app to the App Store.

Can I port someone else's 2.x plugin?

Yes! Make sure to contact the original author or group beforehand to avoid duplicating efforts.

So what do I get out of this?

  • An enthusiastic high-five! (If you show up.)
  • Gratitude from the Cytoscape community.
  • Your app will be featured on the App Store front page.
  • A $100 USD gift certificate for Amazon.

What is the deadline?

Submit your app by 10 December 2012. Winners will be announced on 14 December 2012 at the Cytoscape Workshop. Can't make the deadline? Don't worry! There will be other competitions.