NRNB Mentoring Organization

The National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) is organizing the joint efforts of Cytoscape, WikiPathways and other network biology tools. This is a great opportunity to work at the intersection of biology and computing! We take mentoring seriously and are proud of our >90% success rate with former students and projects. But don't take our word for it, read testimonials from prior NRNB students students and mentors. And you also get a certificate of completion!

The aim of the NRNB is to advance the new science of biological networks through analytic tools, visualizations, databases and computing resources. Our technologies enable researchers to assemble and analyze these networks and to use them to better understand biological systems and, in particular, how they fail in disease. Find out more about the various software projects being developed in coordination with NRNB. And check out our latest project ideas in the tab below.

NRNB Academy

Outside of our sponsored summer programs, NRNB Academy runs year-round to match students with mentors in network biology software development. NRNB Academy offers you the opportunity to work with our open source development team on network biology related tools and resources. The program is volunteer-based and flexible in terms of time commitment and project lenght. This is a great introduction to our dev community and the workings of open source in general. Start by completing our Admissions Form:

Admissions Form

How to apply

You can apply for the year-round mentoring program at any time. Fill out the Admissions Form to start the ball rolling.

NRNB Project Ideas at GitHub

Browse the current list of NRNB Project Ideas at GitHub to find potential projects and mentors. If you find something interesting, contact the org admin to inquire about applying. We will direct you to more information and resources prior to the application process.