Network Biology Community

The NetBio community meeting is held in conjunction with ISMB, the largest computational biology/bioinformatics conference in the world. The NetBio SIG will focus on two major areas: (1) the development of network-related tools and resources, and (2) the application of network analysis and visualization in the study of biology and medicine. The meeting will provide a unique interface between tool developers and users in the field of network biology. Through these complementary lenses, the SIG will bring into focus the current state of the field, its future promise and how to get from here to there.

How to Participate

Find the latest information including how to submit an abstract for the annual meeting on this page. In addition to the annual meeting, the NetBio group functions year-round as an international virtual community supporting and co-organizing multiple meetings, connecting researchers, results, and resources, pointing to training opportunities and the latest published research. Find out more via the NetBio Group at LinkedIn.

New Community Site!

Check out the new site at: ISCB Connect: NetBio