Cytoscape v3.5 CyREST Challenge

We’re having a fun and lucrative competition based on Cytoscape work you may already have or would like to have a reason to do. We are very proud of the large and growing collection of high quality and highly valuable CyREST-based workflows created by the Cytoscape developer community. We are celebrating by awarding cash prizes for the most useful and easily adaptable CyREST-based workflows.

How the Competition Works

Submit your best work in any of the categories below – 1 submission per category per person:

  1. Best workflow orchestrated by Python
  2. Best workflow orchestrated by R
  3. Best workflow orchestrated by another language
Submit a workflow that weaves together a number of CyREST calls to perform some useful biological calculation. For extra points, use the workflow to integrate Cytoscape with other tools (e.g., cBioPortal). For cyREST-based submissions, your visualization must be a .png file, and you must submit the external scripts or programs that call cyREST. Submit via email and tell us how to reach you (in case you win).

Submit before June 1, 2017.


Winners will be chosen in each category solely based on judgment by the Cytoscape team. Prizes include Amazon gift cards:

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $50
To receive a prize, all winners must agree to have their entry posted on the Cytoscape and NRNB web sites.