Introduction to Cytoscape Web

This showcase gives a description of Cytoscape Web and how you can use it in your webapp.

Detailed tutorial


Cytoscape Web is a JavaScript library that allows you to embed a network component in your webapp. It renders nodes and edges for you, and provides you an API to manipulate the network. See the tutorial to get started.

Visual styles

Inspired by Cytoscape's VizMapper, Cytoscape Web supports complex visual styles based on programmatic mappers. You can use continuous mappers and discrete mappers as in Cytoscape, and you can even create your own functional, custom mappers.


Cytoscape Web has many built-in layouts. You can also compute your own layout and apply it to the network. Here, you see the built-in force-directed layout.

Data formats

Cytoscape Web supports XGMML, GraphML, SIF, and JSON.