NRNB Training

The NRNB supports several types of training events, including both virtual and live workshops; tutorials sessions for clinicians, biologists and bioinformaticians; presentations and demonstrations at conferences; online tutorials and webcasts; and annual symposium.

Training Events

Data Visualization with Cytoscape
San Francisco, CA, USA - 19 February
Cytoscape Automation in R
San Francisco, CA, USA - 20 February
Network Biology Workshop with Cytoscape
Morgantown, WV - 27 February - 1 March 2019
NDEx Workshop
San Diego, CA - 1 April 2019
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How to Host a Training Event

NRNB has representatives across the states, in Canada and in Europe who are available to provide training. Are you interested in hosting a presentation, tutorial or workshop at your institution?

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How to Prepare a Course

Are you interested in teaching a course on Network Biology at your institution? NRNB has a collection of easily customizable modular presentation material available at our Cytoscape Tutorials site. If you are interested in hosting NRNB staff for a lecture at your institution, complete our Course Planning Form below.

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How to Get Started


Cytoscape Tutorials

A collection of protocols for Cytoscape and Cytoscape Apps, ranging from introductory training to advanced analysis.


Cytoscape Automation

A collection of scripts for Cytoscape Automation, for scripters and developers.



Interactive web tool for network visualization.


Cytoscape App Development

Learn how to develop your own custom apps on the Cytoscape platform.

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