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The outreach goals of the National Resource for Network Biology are to provide support for useful software applications in the field of network biology, to develop new software tools in this emerging field, and to promote a culture of data sharing and code sharing to optimize network biology research efforts. Find out how to get involved below.

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Want to help us develop software tools for network biology? Donate to fund a student developer to work on a specific project. All funds go toward student stipends.

Donations are tax deductible to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,
The Cytoscape Consoritum, Tax ID: 20-4909879.

Google Summer of Code


The Google Summer of Code program is a unique opportunity for students around the world to engage in open source development. We participate as an umbrella organization of network biology tool developers and select ~10 students per year. As a student, you get valuable experience in collaborative software development, a full-time stipend, and a Google t-shirt! See our GSoC Page.

NRNB Academy


And for students and non-students alike, also consider our year-round mentored program called NRNB Academy. Work with NRNB groups on our open source, network biology tools. This is a great introduction to our dev community and the workings of open source in general. Learn more about the program and browse the running list of project ideas here. Or browse lists of enrolled students and alumni.

NRNB Competitions


Again, for students and non-students alike, also consider our year-round NRNB Competitions. A variety of competitions ranging from app development to bug bounties are held throughout the year. Join the fun. Win prizes!

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